110 Thoughts I Had While Watching the Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale


  1. Yay it’s Monday night and that can only mean one thing! Game of Thrones!!!
  2. It’s starting!! Dun dun du na dun dun…
  3. …did the titles always go on for this long?
  4. Yes I think they did. I’m just more excited now.
  5. No one that important has died yet this series. Tonight is the night!
  6. I hope it isn’t Sansa. Or Jon. Or Arya.
  7. Starks 4 lyf.
  8. The Lord of Light can piss off.
  10. I bet Stannis dies.
  11. Rough few days for Stannis, doesn’t seem like he cares though.
  12. Marrying a Baratheon seems like a bad idea.
  13. Lol cya Melisandre. I hope you get sold into slavery.
  14. Oh Jon Snow you cutie.
  15. He looks so sad. He needs a cuddle.
  16. I hope Sam grows more of a backbone when he goes to Old Town.
  17. His face is just so slappable
  18. Awkward sex joke. Eww

    You own that glare Jon Snow

  19. You go Sansa you strong, independent woman.
  20. Completely forgot that Pod existed.
  21. What have these two been up to? Just sitting there watching Sansa?
  22. Bit weird.
  23. I know Brienne probably has a reason to get involved but I just don’t care enough about her to remember it.
  24. That candle won’t save you now Sansa.
  25. A lot of people are going to die right about now.
  26. Bit outnumbered there Stannis mate.
  27. Horses are basically worth like 3 anyway You should have got some of them.
  28. Oh yeah, you did but they left cos no one likes you
  29. Stannis and Roose Bolton look a little too similar for me to be comfortable with.
  30. Oh yeah Renly. That’s why Brienne has appeared.
  31. I miss Renly

    RIP Renly

  32. Called it.
  33. Bye Stannis. By next series no one will remember you ever existed.
  34. Rare for them to show a bloody, gruesome death
  35. Ramsay is very at home in a field of corpses
  36. Wouldn’t have had him pegged as a great fighter though
  37. Is it just me that would play dead if I was on a battlefield?
  38. Pretty high body count already
  39. Myranda needs to back off Sansa
  40. You need to be pretty messed up to be fighting for the love of Ramsay ‘skin-peeler’ Bolton.
  41. Oh wait. She’s pretty messed up anyway
  42. Oops. Nice work Theon.
  44. I trust that snow drift. I think. Everything will be alright.
  45. Dont know how Arya expects him to answer her questions after she’s stabbed him in each eye and repeatedly in the gut.
  46. Sorry Arya, I love you but your storyline is a little boring right now so I’m finding it hard to care.
  47. Yeah keep stabbing, now he’ll answer.
  48. And now he’s dead.
  49. Bringing the death toll to around 535,983

    Remember how cute she was? I miss this.

  51. Oh shit.
  52. Aww I liked him.
  53. Oh wait he’s back.
  54. Does this mean I can have Rob back.
  55. ‘He was no one.’ So profound.
  56. The lives of two Starks now lie in the balance.
  57. Bet we don’t find out until next series.
  58. Oooh back in Dorne. We’re going everywhere tonight.
  59. Myrcella gets all the pretty dresses. I’d love to try them all on for a day.
  60. Awkwardly long kiss
  61. Please never say ‘pussy’ again Game of Thrones
  62. Loving Trystane is not the same as sleeping with your sister Jaime.
  63. Sorry Myrcella but Jaime has basically just told you that your a ticking time bomb of genetic mishaps. How can you be glad he’s your father/uncle?!
  64. Ooops, doesn’t matter anyway, she’s gone.
  65. Now Jamie is just left on a boat with his dead daughter/niece’s fiancée. Awkward.
  66. Those girls are total bitches. And not even very fit considering one is meant to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
  67. Tyrion doling out some big steaming dollops of truth there for Mr Lothario and Captain Friendzone
  68. I never bothered to learn anyone’s name in Daenerys’s story. Spend too much time learning her 25 names instead.
  69. I love Tyrion in Meereen. I hope he becomes King.
  70. Typing my thoughts whilst reading the subtitles is a struggle.
  71. Called it. All hail King Tyrion.
  72. What an awkward trip Friendzone and Lothario are going to have. Delightful.
  73. Dany was deffo wearing white before.
  74. I love how sassy the dragons are to her.
  75. They literally give zero fucks about what she wants. She needs that. She’s getting a bit too big for her sandals.
  76. Yes Dothraki! Dany was way less of a psycho bitch with the Dothraki.
  77. She would have definitely seen them coming though.
  78. Oh hey Cersei. I forgot you were in prison.
  79. Yeah just keep lying. That’s how you’re gonna get out of it.
  80. I really don’t understand how the all powerful King Tommen has no control over these religious nuts.
  81. Wow such nudity.
  82. That’s probably a body double though, you can’t see her face.
  83. OK that’s not a body double.
  84. This must have been the world’s most awkward scene to film.
  85. Can this stop now I’m feeling very uncomfortable.
  86. She’s still naked.
  87. It’s been 8 minutes now, ok, that’s enough.
  88. Yay a robe.

    She will forever be the Queen of the side-eye

  89. If this guy can bring people back to life, why would he chose the murdering rapist? Stupid Mountain.
  90. Why not Robb?!
  91. RIP Robb. I will never forget you.
  92. Oh that’s where the Witch Bitch ended up.
  93. HANDS OFF JON. Don’t you dare sacrifice him!
  94. Seems like a weird time to bring up Benjen.
  95. Does anyone even remember Benjen?
  96. Wait, what?
  97. This can’t be for serious?
  98. No.
  99. NO!
  101. Ollie you little dick!!!
  102. George RR Martin you little dick!!
  105. I guess only 0.5 Starks died this series, which is an improvement.
  106. Although we don’t know what happened to Sansa and Arya.
  107. So somewhere between 0.5 and 2.5 Starks died.
  108. Standard.
  109. It’s getting to a point now where I’m quite scared that I might be the next to go.
  110. Anyway, only 42 weeks till season 6, just enough time for me to forget and then willingly experience this pain all over again.

    How could they do this to me?!

Katie x

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