My Travel Diary: Alnwick Castle

So I find myself on a bus at 9.30am with an overly enthusiastic Rob, on our way to Alnwick Castle after a fairly eventful 21st the night before. Safe to say I was regretting the plan to ‘make the most of the day’ by starting early. Bacon helped.IMG_4159.JPGFor those that don’t know, Alnwick doubled up as Hogwarts for the filming of the first two Harry Potter films, which was obviously the main draw for us, and every child in Northumberland apparently. While the history of the castle was interesting and the scenery was absolutely beautiful, we did spend most of our time running around pretending to fly.IMG_4153.JPGThe activities at the castle were definitely geared towards children which was perfect for us, despite being the oldest people there without kids. A crazy witch lady with a dragon was circling the castle, an added extra that some children were loving, while others were left crying in corners. The crying children were particularly entertaining. Broomstick lessons and a potions master rounded off the Harry Potter experience perfectly.IMG_4137.JPGI’d definitely recommend a visit to the castle for anyone with kids, or anyone who likes the idea of pretending to be a wizard or a knight for day, like me. Or you could be a civilized adult and respect the historical value of the castle itself…but why do that when you could pretend to fly?!

Katie x

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