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One of the things I’ve been most excited about on this trip is the food and I definitely haven’t been disappointed. I was a bit worried about New Orleans because it’s so famous for seafood and I’m very anti-fish, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Our first meal after the 8 hour drive from Florida was at Dat Dog, a local chain with 3 bustling locations in town which had been greatly recommended online. We headed to the famous Frenchmen Street in the French Quarter and were pretty taken aback by the atmosphere of the area, as well as the imaginative, extensive menu including hot dogs made from pretty much every animal imaginable.  

We went for the duck hot dogs and Pete got chips, which I ate most of after realising that these may have been the best chips I will ever eat. The hotdogs didn’t disappoint either. You can get them plain, like me, or with loads of weird and wonderful toppings; I think Pete went for blackberry sauce and spicy mustard, weirdo. Whichever you prefer, I could not recommend this place enough. You may as well grab a few drinks and settle in for the night.

The next day we wanted to try some typical Louisiana food so we visited Mother’s for some jambalaya and a po-boy, which is just their word for a sandwich if we’re being really honest.    Jambalaya isn’t something I’d normally order but it was amazing. I have no idea how they can make something that looks like paella and contains the same stuff as paella taste like something I’ve never eaten before.

 The sandwich was no different. We went for their “famous” combo which included ham (they claim to have the world’s best baked ham), roast beef, and something called debris which is the gravy that the beef is cooked in along with all the little pieces of meat that fall in. It was definitely a challenge to eat, and the bread was a little dry but the meat was delicious, not quite the world’s best ham but definitely worth eating. The place was full of locals so if you’re looking for some authentic southern food then this is the place for you.

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